Serial Entrepreneur Infographic and Missionary VS Mercenary

Someone posted this infographic today in 1871 and I thought it was quite an interesting visual.  It helps to grasp the number of battles some entrepreneurs take in order to claw their way to success.  Also interesting are the one business VS multiple business approach as it touches on a concept I’ve been recently reading a lot about, missionary vs mercenary CEOs.  Apparently investors like those missionary CEOs rather than those driven by money.

While I don’t think you can equate mercenary with serial perhaps they are closer in alignment than different.  I think mercenary describes an entrepreneurs motivations and how they aren’t necessarily about passion, interest, and love.  Serial entrepreneurs can be passionate about growing businesses and not just focused on the wrong rewards.  Mercenary is always seeing value optimization for themselves.

More information in a blog post about missionary vs mercenary (focused on CEO’s)


Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.